Pin Grading

Since enamel pins are hand-made and minor variations are normal, the grading system is a common method for communicating a pin's quality. This is a quick rundown of the grading system as I apply it.

Unless otherwise specified, all pins are A grade by default. B grade pins will sometimes be sold at a discount. Please note that in all cases, pin colors may vary slightly from digital proofs or previous runs. Because the enamel colors are hand-mixed, this variation is expected and normal.

A Grade (Standard)

High quality pins with no more than one or two minor imperfections, generally only apparent when closely inspected, such as:

  • very small scratches or scuffs
  • very small bubbles, stray dust, or stray glitter in enamel
  • minor discoloration or scuffs on metal
  • low-fill enamel, not too shallow and not in large areas
  • slightly uneven glitter placement (not significant/distracting)
  • slight variations in metal/line thicknesses
  • very small amounts of excess metal on edges

B Grade

These pins will have at least one more obvious imperfection. They will be easier to spot, but I'll never sell pins with defects that interfere with a design's overall readability. Examples include:

  • low-fill enamel in larger areas, significantly shallow
  • minor color spills
  • significant defects/chipping in metal plating
  • significant scratches, scuffs, or dents
  • significant amounts of bubbles, stray dust, or stray glitter in enamel
  • very uneven glitter placement
  • significant amounts of excess metal on edges
  • very obvious variations in metal/line thicknesses
  • wobbly (but still functional) posts

C Grade

These pins will have significant defects, such as incorrect colors, inconsistent enamel fills or spills, etc. At this time, I do not sell C grade pins.